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 What is the Minimum Order?
Different Products have different minimums.  Please refer to each product page for reference on the minimum.

              TSHIRTS -- Minimum order is 24.   You can mix styles, colors and sizes in order to                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         
                                    reach the minimum.      If you find that your family wishes to order shirts AFTER the event, the minimum is still 24 at    the price for 24.
              EMBROIDERED CAPS -- Minimum order is 24 of same style and color.
              PROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS --- Each item requires different minimums.  Some
                                                                           items can be mixed and some cannot due to               
                                                                           specific printing requirements.  Refer to product.

 What is the Turnaround Time?
Production Time will vary depending on product ordered and the complexity of the order.    Normal production time will be stated per product item, however, we do not guarantee production times during busy seasons.  There are times that normal production will be running behind due to the high volume of orders.  This may occur at any time.  All orders will be required to give us an "IN HANDS DATE"  so that we can plan production time accordingly.   
It is important to note that production time starts  AFTER you have received and reviewed the PROOF of design that we have completed for your order.   The design period of your order may incur extra time that will vary depending on the complexity of your design request.  Your logo or imprint design time is NOT included in normal production time, this is extra time PRIOR to placing the order into production.  This time may vary from 1 day to ??? depending on the product ordered.   Therefore, production time only includes the actual completion and/or printing time of the product(s) ordered.  This DOES NOT include shipping time.
All orders received will be reviewed to ensure that we can meet the "IN HANDS DATE".  If we are unable to complete the order, the customer will be notified immediately upon receipt of the order.   Shipping time will be based on ground shipping unless a RUSH ORDER is requested.  (See Rush Orders for details)
There are several products that have a FREE 24-hour service option available.  These products will be noted.
***NOTE****Regardless of product ordered, normal production time works ONLY if the customer is available by email or phone in the event we have questions or concerns regarding the order.   This is also based on the notion that a customer will respond promptly to emails or phone calls with approval of proof(s) or changes to any proof(s) or details of an order within a reasonable time limit that is in direct relation to the IN HANDS DATE that is requested.     Therefore, normal production times only work with timely communication between the customer and CcYoung Designs.    

 Do you Accept Rush Orders?
There are several products available that can be ordered with RUSH requests within a reasonable time limit as well as several products available for FREE 24 hour service.   If we are able to complete your order under the normal turnaround time as scheduled, rush charges will not apply.
Otherwise, any item(s) ordered with an IN HANDS DATE that is under normal production turnaround time, will incur additional costs in SHIPPING and/or RUSH SERVICES depending on the product ordered.   Note, some items require RUSH SERVICE CHARGES as well as EXPRESS SHIPPING charges.
All product production times will vary depending on items ordered, therefore each RUSH ORDER received will be reviewed and approved to determine if we are able to meet the customer needs.   All customers will be provided a QUOTE for RUSH SERVICES including S&H and require preapproval by the customer prior to placing any order into production.    

 Can I see a PROOF before I order?
YES, this is a free service.   All proofs can be designed and sent to you via email in the form of a "watermarked" proof for you to view.  You are not obligated to order.   If you decide you like the proof and wish to continue with the order, you will be instructed to notify us accordingly.  All proofs are meant to show you a "general idea" of what your product will look like when completed.  However, all proofs are not a guarantee or exact match of color tones and size.    We cannot duplicate imprint colors or background colors to be exact because we cannot control the tones and colors that your monitors and printers will present to you as there are variations from one piece of equipment to another.  Therefore, proofs are only meant to give you a general idea of color combinations.  Your actual finished product may vary in color tones.   This is to be expected and must be understood.   

 Do I pay Sales Tax?      Sales Tax applies ONLY to TEXAS residents.   If you are a tax exempt organization, you are required to send us the certificate and all payment made by check or credit card must match the name on the certificate.   

 Can I add more items after the order is placed?    
NO, we do not generally allow additional orders.   It is important to note that once an order has been reviewed and the order confirmation form has been completed, your order is final.  Please see TERMS OF SALE regarding the order confirmation form.    Therefore, please be sure that you have ALL sizes and items included in your original order the first time you order.  

Under Special Circumstances, If by some chance we are able to add on additional shirts or items to the order, you will be responsible for the additional fees for shipping from our warehouse to pull the additional items.   Each item will be reviewed.     Any addon orders accepted will delay the order by 3-4 days and will not be accepted if we do not have the time available to meet your IN HANDS date.

Rush Orders cannot have Add-ons due to production time.  Any add-ons will reset the deadline date.

 Can I get a printed Sample?
No.  We do not allow a single product to be printed.   However, you ARE able to order blank tshirts to view color and sizes if you choose.   All customers ordering blank sample tshirts will be responsible for the S&H.  Blank Tshirts are $5 each for all normal sizes plus extra for plus sizes.   

If you are wanting to view the artwork design sample on the colored tshirt, then we will be glad to provide you a FREE PROOF done in the color format requested.  This will be sent to you via email that can be printed on paper.     You are not obligated to order.   If you decide you like the proof and wish to continue with the order, you will be instructed to notify us accordingly.  All proofs are meant to show you a "general idea" of what your product will look like when completed.  However, all proofs are not a guarantee or exact match of color tones and size.    We cannot duplicate imprint colors or background colors to be exact because we cannot control the tones and colors that your monitors and printers will present to you as there are variations from one piece of equipment to another.  Therefore, proofs are only meant to give you a general idea of color combinations.  Your actual finished product may vary in color tones.   This is to be expected and must be understood.   

 How and When Do I have to Pay?

All products and services ordered are reviewed and approved prior to placing the order into production.  For all products that require custom design and approval of proof, there will be a confirmation form sent for approval along with total billing for your approval PRIOR to placing the order into production.   Full payment is required to be made during the final order confirmation and approval process for custom orders and during the initial order process for standard orders that do not require approval of proof.

Payment is accepted in the form of personal check (with a 15 day hold until the check clears), money order, cashiers check, credit card by Visa or Mastercard, Discover, American Express.  For all credit card information received, we will require that your full name, billing address, along with number, expiration date, and 3 digit security code numbers in order to complete the billing information required.

Once full payment has been received, the order will be placed into production and completed.

Sales Tax applies to TEXAS RESIDENTS only.

 Do you Charge Shipping & Handling?
All orders shipped from our local facilities will be shipped UPS Ground Service.   Any orders shipped from our third party subcontractors will be shipped the best way according to their shipping terms.   This includes any shipping carriers, including but not limited to; UPS, FEDEX, or USPS.

FREE SHIPPING is available on most products but NOT ALL products shown, depending on the product.  FREE SHIPPING will apply ONLY to those quantities and prices shown for that particular product.  If shipping is required for a product, it will be stated for that product.  

FREE SHIPPING applies ONLY to the 48 Contiguous states within the United States.  We do not ship outside of the United States.

Customers that request  RUSH ORDERS will be subject to the Shipping Rush Charges as well as RUSH SERVICE charges that MAY apply to the product they are ordering.  Otherwise, many products that offer FREE shipping will be sent Ground services to meet the IN HANDS date of request.

****Note****Once the order is in transit, we are not responsibile for any damage that may be occur or package not being delivered on time.  We are not liable for any missed deadlines that occur due to shipment being lost, mishandled or late due to problems with UPS that may occur.  Should any damage occur during your shipment, please retain all materials and packinging AS IS.   

 Do you charge for Screen or Setup charges?
NO -- for basic orders.  Basic orders applies to all orders that have shirt sizes that range from Youth Small and up.  We provide 1 screen for all orders and any additional screen sizes are considered extra.   We do not charge for setup of orders as well.    However, if you have special requests or screens that do not apply to most basic orders, you may be charged an extra fee.  Please see EXTRA CHARGES that may apply for details.

 Can I order multiple colored shirts?
YES!   This does not cost extra to do this.  You can order multiple colored shirts as long as the IMPRINT color can remain the same for all shirt colors chosen.   The key is to choose colors that have a good constrast to your imprint color.    This is a great idea for families or events who wish to color code specific groups of people to make them stand out differently from the other colors.

 Can I use different color inks for different colored shirts?
Preferably NOT, but there may be exceptions to this based upon the order received.   We recommend sticking with ONE IMPRINT color and changing shirt colors to make the differences.   Again, choose colors that will have a good constrast to the ONE ink color you choose.  Light on darks and/or darks on lights.    However, if you have a large order and have more than a few dozen shirts that can be split to have light on dark shirts and the other half with dark imprint on light shirts, you may be allowed to do this with a special request.   We do not charge screen charges or setup charges on most basic orders.  However, this is considered an extra charge that the customer would be required to pay.   It is a flat fee of $15 extra to have us stop the order and prepare for changing ink colors.   

 Do Larger sizes cost more?
Yes.   This is common.   Plus sizes will cost more.  Basic prices shown for tshirts refer to all sizes from Youth Small up to Adult XLarge.  If you need largers sizes, they will cost more.    2x and up will cost additional per shirt.  Please refer to the pricing chart for current pricing.    Please remember that not all colors come in larger sizes than 2X or 3X.  You will need to refer to the color chart and maximum size available per color.

 Are youth sizes the same cost?
Youth sizes are the same price as adult shirts.  This applies from Youth Small and up.  However, Toddler and Infant sizes are only available with extra screen charges as this is not considered a basic order.    There will be a $25 Screen Charge per color for any shirts that are allowed to be order for toddler and infant.   There is a minimum order for Toddler / Infant Sizes of 12 pieces (in addition to the other shirts)  in order to be able to print them.   Otherwise, standard minimum shirts to order is 25 shirts.

 Can I mix shirts and other products to reach my minimum?
NO.   Each product requires the standard minimum for that product.   Unless there are specials offered that give you the option to combine specific products, then you will be required to order the standard minimum.

 Will the shirts shrink or fade?
Yes.  Common sense is that all shirts after repeated washings will fade over time.   With proper care, your shirt will last longer and hold its colors.   The most important thing is to properly care for your shirts and use the proper wash cycles with gentle detergent.  However, everyone washes their clothes differently and over time, these differences will become visible.   We cannot control this occuring.   

 What type of quality is the imprint?
Screen Printing is a process of providing high quality ink using an individual screen, layered one at a time, completed by layering from light to dark.  Finally the ink is cured and your garments are ready.  The curing process makes the ink durable.  Your shirts will last a long time as long as they are properly cared for.
Cracking may occur when light inks are printed on dark color garments.   Because it is impossible for us to control how people launder their clothes, cracking of inks should be expected over a period of time.

 Can I have individual names printed on each shirt?
YES, for an additional fee that becomes much more costly.  When this is done, you need to understand that the screen printing of your design is using inks, whereas, individual name processing is another method entirely that is hand done with a different texture and material used.   The letters will be vinyl cut letters heat applied by hand per shirt.   If you would like to have this done, there will be an additional fee of  $ 6 per name per shirt.  

 Do you charge for artwork?
 NO.  Basic artwork design that is standard stock design is free of charge.  Custom Design artwork is also FREE with exception to more complex designs that involve listing excessive names on the front or back of a shirt.  If your design requires excessive names to be listed, you will have an additional typesetting flat fee of $35.00.   

 Can I have a custom design made?
YES.  Let us explain the difference between a standard design and a custom design.   Any standard stock
design is one that you see on our Imprint Design Gallery.   We simply change the text information around the graphics to make it apply to fit your event.    Any Custom Design refers to any design idea that you have that you do not see on our gallery page that you would like to have created.   This is also a FREE service.   Simply let us know what you would like and we will do our best to create your vision.

 How do I view my artwork?
All artwork proofs created will be sent via email as a "watermarked" proof.  We will send as a .jpg or .pdf file that you can print out and or forward to others in your family or committees to be able to view.

 How do I guarantee my shirt and imprint colors on my proof?
All proofs are meant to show you a "general idea" of what your product will look like when completed.  However, all proofs are not a guarantee or exact match of color tones and size.    We cannot duplicate imprint colors or background colors to be exact because we cannot control the tones and colors that your monitors and printers will present to you as there are variations from one piece of equipment to another.  Therefore, proofs are only meant to give you a general idea of color combinations.  Your actual finished product may vary in color tones.   This is to be expected and must be understood.   

All factories that process the shirts use dyes for different colors.   However, the tones will vary from one factory to another for the same shirts.  Therefore, we may order the same shirt and color from different warehouses but still see a color variation in the shirts due to print runs and factories that they were made from.

 What size will my design be on the shirts?
We do not charge for screen setups for the basic orders.  Therefore, your order will include 1 size only for all shirts regardless of size.  Based upon your sizes ordered, we will adjust and make your screen size of the design to print as large as it can be on the smallest size shirt that is ordered.   Adult Screen sizes will encompass around 10 - 11" in size and fit all the day to size youth smalls.  Therefore, the smallest size shirt that can be ordered is a Youth Small (6-8).   The design will appear larger on the smaller shirts and smaller on the larger shirts.   The maximum screen size we can print is  12" wide square for an adult normal screen size.  If you wish for adults shirts to have one screen size and youth size to have another screen size, we will be glad to do that under special requests.  However, this is an additional fee of $ 25.00.   Furthermore, there must be at least a dozen or more per screen size requested in order to grant this approval.   

 Can I send artwork for my design?
YES.  You may certainly send us any artwork to use for your logo design as long as it meets specific requirements.   First, We cannot use copyrighted logo designs that you do not have written permission from the author or owner of the copright.    Second, all artwork must be sent for us to review to ensure that it is in camera ready format or that we are able to work with it.  Third, if any artwork you send must be recreated or redone due to poor quality resolution and imaging, there will be an additional fee of $ 35 per hour art charge.  Otherwise, original designs (that do not represent artwork sent to us by the customer) created by us at request to custom design is FREE.    

WARNING:     We do not accept liability for copyright or trademark infringement on designs submitted by you and manufactured by you.  All items will be designed and made to your requests.    If you submit a design that has a copyright or trademarked, you are stating that you own the design or have the written permission to have that design completed by us at your request.   Therefore, you should not submit any artwork that you do not have written permission to use from the copyright owners for that logo or design.  

 Can I use the artwork for my own personal use?   Do we own the artwork after its created?
Yes -- We will be glad to send you the artwork in its final format in the email.   However, if your logo design contains a licensed image from another owner then you must get permission for it use.  As long as you place an order from us for any product, then you can request any artwork to be emailed to you.     However, you are not allowed to take this artwork to another company and have them print any other product with this design.  The artwork can ONLY be used for personal use that involves your own personal computer and printer needs.

HOWEVER, we retain all rights to the ownership of the original artwork and designs that we create.

 Can I order a design ONLY to be emailed without ordering products?
NO -- We do not charge for art design, therefore, you MUST order a product from us in order to be able to have any request for personal use only of your design.  See above.

 I am with a non-profit organization or school, can I get a discount?
No and Yes.  --- We have set our pricing to be competitive among all markets where budgets are limited.   We offer the same pricing to all customers and there is no room for us to cut the pricing under normal circumstances.    This applies to most customers.

However, if you are a non-profit organization or school that would like to establish an account with us with the intention of using our company's products and services on a regular basis, we offer a preferred customer rate program that will offer a minimal discount after a specified period of time.   This is to be determined in accordance between the contact person and ourselves to determine how we can best meet your needs.

 Extra Charges that May Apply
Basic orders are those orders that do not include setup, screen, or art charges for standard quantities ordered.
Basic orders for tshirts include all sizes ordered from Youth Small and up that require 1 screen size for all shirts.   Basic orders for memorabilia and promotional products include all standard order designs that include the basics from the colors offered to quantities shown.

If your order has additional requests such as extra screen sizes, ink change requests, special excessive typsetting of names for designs, customer artwork revision, rush charges, and/ or anything else that is not considered part of a basic order, then additional fees will apply.

SCREEN CHARGE -  $ 20.00 per screen size per color.
INK CHANGE ---          $ 15.00 per ink color change.
INDIVIDUAL NAMES --  $ 6 per shirt per placement.  (these are vinyl cut not screen printed)
TYPESETTING FEE  --   $ 35 per art request for excessive design creation that includes excessive graphics        and/or text.
RUSH CHARGE  -------    $ varies depending on product
CUSTOMER ART REVISION --- $ 35 per hour minimum, we cannot guarantee your art can be revised.

 Can I pick up my order?
 No.  We generally do not charge for Shipping & Handling, therefore, we do not allow customers to come to this office location for order pickup.     Different products are completed at different locations and the volume of shipments and other business services that we offer make it impossible to gather them in any one location.  We serve our needs and your needs much better by direct shipment to you upon the order's completion as well as all communications being handled by phone or email.     


 FAMILY TREE PRINTS - FAQ BELOW  -  (Back to Family Tree Prints)

1) How is the layout of the tree designed? Answer:  The layout is designed based upon who you would like to center your tree around.   There is no right or wrong way to display your family names.   As a general guideline, the "heart of the tree" usually represents parents, grandparents, etc.  Descendants of those persons will be best displayed around the branches and leaves of the tree.  Older generations of ancestors are usually best displayed beginning at the roots of the tree working up to the younger generations.   This can also be done from oldest at top to youngest at bottom.   This proves that the layout is flexible.  We will work with you to design the best layout to fit your family.   

2)  Who do you include in a family tree?  Answer:  Anyone you wish!  This is a very personal item that has sentimental value to all those involved and will be a historical document.   Therefore, each family is unique.    This can become a sensitive issue among family.  Therefore, you decide on all persons to be included or not at your own risk.   

For parents who have been divorced, it is your decision whether to include both or not.  As a general guideline, normally both parents are placed on a tree to show bloodlines if there are children displayed.   However, there are some instances where placing both parents may not be in the best interest of others.   Therefore, you decide who to include.   On the layout of the tree, usually the divorced parent is placed slightly to the side of the other parent, with children listed to both.  

3)  Does the tree include a title?  Answer:  Yes.  the title is included in the base cost of the tree.  The most common title is, for example, "The Smith Family Tree"   However, you can use something like "Our Family" or "Granny Smith's Family Tree"...etc...  You can also add an ADDITIONAL TITLE to your print to show  a personal sentiment of something that you would like for the print to also show.

4)  Do you offer multiple prints and how does the pricing work?   Yes, the design and cost of the 1st tree will be more time and cost more than the additional prints.  Additional line and image charges will only apply to the 1st print.   All additional prints made will be charged at discount from the print size price only.  

5) How far back do I go with my genealogy?  Answer:  This is up to you.  In determining this, you must decide whether you are concentrating on using one surname or more.  (This refers to one or both sides of the family).  This will determine if more than one tree needs to be designed.  For example, there can be 3 trees representing, the father's side, the mother's side, and the family of these 2 persons displayed in between.  This can grow and grow.  For every parent, there are 2 more parents and 2 more sides of the family to consider, and so on and so on........Another example is, you can display one tree representing one surname (one side of the family) and list the generations of ancestors and  descendants beginning at the roots and working out toward the leaves.   Deciding the "heart of the tree" will help.  OUR RECOMMENDATION IS:   Start with person(s) you are creating for.  Then list all descendants next, and then go back and list the ancestors you wish to until you have determined that that is enough.  Let us design it all.  

6) Can I include dates ?  Answer:  Yes, you may include dates of birth, dates of death, and wedding dates, etc., along with the names, places, etc.   Depending on how many people are listed, this may or may not be feasible to do on every name listed based upon the number of names and size of the canvas.    We will work with you to determine this.   Dates can be written in  formats such as:   1-17-1928  or January 17, 1928  or  Married January 17, 1928 (this is "1" line of information .   If you list a date of birth and date of death for one person, it is also "1" line of information, not 2).

7) May additional names be added later?  Answer:  Yes, we will keep all Digital Print orders on file for 2 reasons:
#1 - So that other family members have the opportunity to purchase their own print (with your permission) of the one that has been completed.
#2 - So that in the event new family members have made a presence -you have the opportunity to update your print.  

If you are adding 1 new line, it will be $1 + print size price.  However, prices will reflect the current prices at the time of reorder.   For framed orders,  We will replace the print with the new one ordered.   You can have a local framer replace your original print with the new revised print.

8)  Do you handle framing?  Answer:  Yes.  We will be glad to handle this for you.   We have selected top quality frames and we offer very competitive prices.  We have chosen many different frames for our selections and variety of services that compliment our designs very well.   

9) How long does it take?   Answer:  allow 1 - 2 weeks for shipping unframed orders, up to 3-4 weeks if we frame your order.  Much of this will depend on number of orders.    We will try to accommodate any time limits that we are able to.  Please be patient, this will be well worth the wait!  We will do our best to ship your order out as quick as possible.

10)  Will I be able to view a proof before it is printed?  How will I Know if I like it?   Answer - Yes -  We will design a text proof only that will be the layout of the text EXACTLY AS YOU WOULD SEE IT ON TOP OF THE TREE BACKGROUND.   You will easily be able to see the shape of the tree and determine if you will like the final print.   This proof will be sent via email in the form of an 8x10 size print.  It will come as a .pdf or  .jpg file and will give you the opportunity to review all of the information you had provided.   It will be your responsibility to double check all spelling and dates to be certain that all information was included and layed out properly.    At that point you can make any changes at your request and correct any errors.   When all information is correct, you will be asked to complete an "Approval of Proof" form.  This gives us permission to continue the order by having it printed and/or framed.   HOWEVER - IF YOU DO NOT LIKE THE PROOF AND DECIDE THAT YOU DO NOT WANT TO CONTINUE THE ORDER - YOU CAN MAKE THAT DECISION AT THAT TIME AND YOU OWE US NOTHING!  Its that simple.


 Updated November 2013